The Hormone Cure

The Hormone Cure was devised by Dr Sara Gottfried MD in response to ‘the largely unacknowledged epidemic of 10390367_407911562683953_8953083063352176946_nhormone imbalance’ many women and some men are currently facing.  With increased pressures and imbalance in family and work lives stress levels can rise it is not uncommon to feel fatigue, depression, anxiety and general aches, pains and inflammation. Along with these many experience weight gain, skin and hair issues, digestive complaints, lack of sex drive and mood swings.

The Hormone Cure is based on 20 years of research and development in 20,000 patients and places great importance on finding the root cause. In this way its’ aim is to treat and heal the primary imbalance the system is facing by addressing the symptoms rather than masking them.  Traditional medicine often prescribes a medication such as an anti-depressant or birth control pill as an initial and often final solution without exploring what may be going on behind the scenes.  Medication does indeed have its’ uses in some cases but for many equilibrium can be achieved by addressing lifestyle, diet and nutrition, stress reduction techniques and scientifically proven herbal supplementation.  In this way The Hormone Cure offers a synergistic approach between more alternative methods of stress and hormonal management and medically proven techniques.

As part of the initial consultation the client completes a questionnaire devised by Dr Sara Gottfried to determine where their main hormonal imbalances lie and each imbalance has its’ own protocol to follow in order to return to hormonal harmony.  In more complex cases laboratory testing of blood or saliva may be required to establish a definite picture of the imbalance and enable further supplementation and treatment.  These can be ordered through a recommended private laboratory.

Unfortunately, there are not many people that can say that they haven’t been affected by stress, trauma or overtaxing demands which have impacted upon their well-being and vitality. I have a strong interest in helping people to reduce stress levels and return to a more centred and harmonious state of being.   Each of the techniques I work with has benefited myself and my clients in achieving equilibrium and as part of the journey to overcoming hormonal and stress related disorders.