For the most part the energy healing techniques that I work with can be offered either in person or remotely.  Distance healing is a method of transmitting healing energy over a distance. Treatments are equally as effective, in that we are all energetic beings and all connected as one in the energy field and they allow the client to receive the benefits in their own home.  I am able to tune in with the client and the healing is transmitted and the effects received just as in an in-person session.  We would of course schedule an appointment at a time that suits you so that you are truly relaxing for the hour or so whilst you are receiving the healing treatment.

Prior to receiving a treatment I offer a consultation and request a completed client questionnaire so as tailor you treatments to your specific needs.  Often a combination of the techniques works well as they are all supportive and interactive with one another.

The treatments are given with the client fully clothed and either lying on a massage couch or seated comfortably.

Regarding aftercare, as with all energy healing treatments the response is very individual but I recommend that the client drink a glass of water and initially move slowly after a session.  Some people may experience slight detox symptoms, fatigue, a headache or digestive upset, this is just part of the release and assimilation of the healing energies.  I start the sessions gently and increase as the client becomes more attuned to the work so usually clients feel positive, energised and lighter and healing crises are avoided.  Each of the treatments can be undertaken between 1-3 times per week for as long as required in working through issues and then reduced to a maintenance level that suits individual requirements.

In the case of animals, each of these energy healing treatments have been used successfully with great results.  The Emotion Code is particularly useful in helping animals from sanctuaries or working animals that may have experienced trauma or abuse and or be pain through injury or overuse.  All animals seem to respond particularly well to the Trinfinity8 treatments and I initially tune in with them and devise a specific program for their needs and healing process.

I like to keep treatments affordable and accessible to the majority so prices are from £25 upwards per session with discounts given for a package of treatments.

Please look at the further description of each treatment for more information and prices.

Other services include general health coaching, nutritional guidance and programs, colour and crystal therapy and relaxing facials.  These are only available as in person sessions.