” Adriel is a wonderful soul and has always been there for me in my moments of need – and there have been many!  I have met very few people with a true heart, open mind and an unbiased view of people and life – Adriel is one of those rare people.  She is a natural healer and a great therapist – be it healing, nutrition or simply listening and offering kind words of advice.  Whenever I am going through emotional or challenging times, Adriel is the first person I go to. I cannot recommend her enough. ”   Caroline, Sri Lanka

” Adriel is a gifted healer but it is her broad and rich life experience that sets her apart from other therapists. As a happy yet exhausted working mother I found myself running on empty with anxiety and consistent health issues. Adriel understands the reality of the challenges of the everyday, having worked in high pressure environments herself she is able to deliver an effective and well tailored programme that draws on both her insight and her natural healing talents. After a thorough consultation I had both Trinfinity8 and IET treatment sessions and experienced the benefits almost immediately.  I had more clarity so I could review my situations with new eyes and felt energised but also much calmer.  If you want to restore and reinvigorate your body and mind then Adriel and her treatments have an amazing force that helps you do just that. ”  Hannah, London, UK

” I began therapy with Adriel when I was having serious troubles with my throat.  I would lose my voice every other week, not sleep due to an inexplicable dry cough, and also experience soreness and discomfort.  The problem was causing me stress in my everyday life, affecting my workout routine and putting a burden on my relationship.  Adriel set me up on a few sessions with the Trinfinity8 and also worked with me to figure out what could be the root cause of my throat dilemma.  The stress disappeared before the physical problem did, and after just a few times working with Adriel my throat had been completely cured!  The time she spent with me to help me pinpoint the root of the problem was also extremely important.  She helped me to realign my life a bit and ever since then I have not had another throat episode.  I would recommend that anyone looking to improve their quality of life or settle some interior problems (that often times display themselves externally) should work with Adriel! ”   Brittany, Buenos AIres, Argentina

” I was going through some challenging times and experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety. After a consultation during which Adriel asked questions to allow her to get to know me, my symptoms and emotional state, she devised a specific program which was able to help me with my inner conflict and balance me.  The Trinfinity8 treatment was so effective and powerful, I closed my eyes and my mind went on an incredible journey of colours and flashes, taking me away from reality and completely slowing down and quietening my worries and thoughts.  Adriel has a very interesting way of working, an outlook of listening and perceiving, through her observations alone she knew much of what was going on inside of me.  She has a brilliant way of analysing and helping to remove blockages so we may successfully achieve our objectives. ”  Fernando, Buenos Aires, Argentina

” I have been in the fortunate position of having both facials and IET with Adriel.  Both are fantastic and the benefits very obvious; I look and feel much better after Adriel has worked her magic.  She has wonderfully healing hands and a way of instantly making a person feel very relaxed.  She also uses the Trinfinity 8 system in conjunction with facials to enable deeper and more specialised rejuvenation – amazing! ”  Arianne Lane, Poitiers, France

” We have found that the Trinfinity8 machine works wonders with our horses and dogs.  When one of our horses hurt her leg badly in an accident the vet couldn’t believe how quickly she recovered and healed.  We know it was because she was having regular T8 sessions to ease any pain and promote speedy repair.  That was our first experience of having T8 but now it’s what we use first for both physical and emotional issues.  Our dog especially benefited after a traumatic attack by another dog which left her in a state of shock and agitation.  Through a course of sessions she was able to regain her sense of peace and wellbeing.  I have to say it has saved many vet visits for both the dogs and horses. ”  Elise Baudin, Tours, France

” Adriel is a wonderful therapist who makes you feel comfortable and at ease from the moment you meet her. Her therapies helped me feel more relaxed and calm down in a time when, having started my own business, things were very overwhelming. By taking away my anxiety, Adriel helped me to enjoy again the path I have chosen and the change in my life that I have made. A feeling of peace of mind and faith, that I felt I was losing, returned to me. I strongly recommend her to anyone! ”  Miriam, Buenos Aires, Argentina

” Whenever we have a problem with one of our 12 horses we ask Adriel to help us out. She has succesfully helped our horses with different issues. She has treated one of our horses that competes in endurance. He was always nervous and distracted and improved a lot being treated by Adriel. The same is true for one of the horses we bought recently and that was mistreated. After her therapies he is less afraid and much more relaxed. We hope to be able to keep working with Adriel in the future! ”  Caballos a la Par, Buenos Aires, Argentina

“Adriel’s work with The Emotion Code is a very pleasant and effective approach to clearing our blocks which no longer serve, in a way that is light and doesn’t require in depth analysis.  It is a fast and gentle way of dealing with old problems and moving beyond them.  I always feel so much lighter afterwards with a sense of relief and a better sense of self.  I really enjoy the treatments with the Trinfinity8 machine.  The choice of settings is endless and I have had very many successful sessions, at the treatment room and remotely.  I have used it for many different issues, such as insomnia, general balancing and physical problems.  I have had great success using it remotely after a long flight, feeling out of balance and energetically down. It provides a very gentle and effective healing approach.”  Dani, Punta del Este, Uruguay