The Emotion Code


The Emotion Code is a simple and highly effective technique created by Dr Bradley Nelson.  It focuses on the discovery and release of trapped emotions held and carried within the body which may be causing physical pain, emotional and mental upset and varying levels of disturbance to optimum health.

The Emotion Code works to quickly and easily eliminate ‘trapped emotions’ – balls of stuck negative energy that can disturb the natural energy flow and rhythms of the body.  These emotions may have been held internally and unexpressed during challenging and painful times when the system is overloaded and unable to process the emotions fully.  It is not necessary to re-experience or analysis the event that initially caused the emotion to become trapped.  Often it happened years or decades previously or may even have been from a past life, inherited or occurred whilst in the womb or at the time of conception.  If you are particularly sensitive or an empath you may even have absorbed another persons emotion or the energy of a place or environment.  By releasing the emotional baggage the system not only feels lighter but the body is re-aligned to heal and overcome any related ailments.

The Emotion Code uses kinesiology (muscle testing) to communicate with the subconscious mind and quickly locate the emotions and then release them by running a magnet over the body’s governing meridian so you no longer experience any negative effects.

The Emotion Code can relieve pain and emotional stress and aid in the prevention of further ailments and symptoms such as anxiety, depression and fatigue.

The Emotion Code helps to locate ‘heartwalls’ which may have unknowingly been built over the years as a personal defence mechanism.  The heart protects itself from feeling deep pain and trauma by placing a barrier around itself but this can also effectively block the acceptance of love, joy and abundance into ones life.  If you have been experiencing a lack of love, limiting beliefs, a sense of feeling blocked in moving forward or manifesting your desires in life it would be a great first step to identify whether or not you have a heartwall.   Most people find that they do as we have all experienced painful circumstances or felt the need to protect ourselves from external conflict at some point in our lives.  The process to remove these heartwalls is very straightforward and does not require you to relive any trauma or pain and as they are cleared you can open yourself up to the positive potentials awaiting you.

One individual session:  £30 (30mins)

Package of three sessions:  £70       Package of six sessions:  £120

Heartwall clearance sessions available