About Me

IMG_7777I am passionate about helping both people and animals feel liberated from emotional, physical and mental issues that prevent optimum living from a naturally centred, joyful and peaceful state.

I have had a longstanding and ever expanding interest in health and healing.  My own upbringing placed an emphasis on the value of alternative medicine, holistic practitioners and a healthy balanced lifestyle which encouraged me to further explore and study the mind body connection and a range of healing modalities.  I truly believe in the process of transformation and in the potential and power within each of us to move beyond limitation when we tune into the available healing frequency.

After completing my degree in Communications & Audio-Visual Productions I spent several years working within the arts and fashion industry in London. I then realised my dream of creating an idyllic space for people to reconnect and heal with nature.   The launch of le retreat in rural France in 2006 was a family project which was both challenging and hugely rewarding.  The premise being to offer clients ‘bespoke ways to unwind’ tailored to their individual needs and desires. Be that simply through enjoying a relaxing holiday in the stunning countryside or by partaking in yoga or holistic workshops and experiencing some of the techniques and treatments on offer.

Over the following years I became certified in Integrated Energy Therapy, The Emotion Code , The Hormone Cure and also work as a Trinfinity8 practitioner in addition to my qualifications in Facial Massage and Rejuvenation, Crystal and Colour Therapy and Nutrition.  These techniques have allowed my clients to experience profound and positive shifts in their personal health.  I have also greatly benefited from using them on my own healing journey.

I have recently returned to England after a decade spent in South America developing new skills and wellness products whilst offering therapies and treatments to both the community there and remotely worldwide.

These treatments are not limited to people only.  Animals are particularly receptive to energy healing and respond beautifully. I have experienced great results with horses and dogs overcoming behavioural and emotional issues and would love to be able to assist your animals.

I very much look forward to sharing these treatments with you and being part of your healing process.

Adriel Lewis