Welcome to the Health Channel!  A space dedicated to the exploration of well-being and self-mastery.  A stepping stone towards a renewed sense of vitality and empowerment, providing you with the foundations for your own recovery of self and health.

Here I invite you to explore ways to release any imbalances and limitations that have been preventing you from moving forward freely and with compassion.  Compassion is key as often we judge ourselves or feel others are judging us when we are struggling to function well, when we are experiencing health complaints or perhaps even more chronic conditions.  The techniques and treatments I offer here work to dissolve and resolve issues from a holistic mind, body, spirit perspective and to promote a sense of health and harmony.

Although the healing process is a relationship between therapist and client, ultimately each of us holds the key and all answers can be found within.  For this reason the concept of channel is very important, by definition it can be ‘a way, course or direction of thought or action’ ‘a course or pathway through which information is transmitted’ or ‘a band of frequencies for communication’.  This process is relevant not only in the sense of this space and the information conveyed here but also internally within ourselves, the pathways we have created consciously or subconsciously.

Healing is brought about when we change the channel or tune into a different frequency.  The techniques of The Emotion Code, Integrated Energy Therapy® and the Trinfinity8 healing device all provide support in  facilitating a return to balance and wholeness and equip us to better deal with any further challenges and stressors as they arise.

  • Benefits

    • Emotional Balance
    • Energy
    • Relaxation
    • Sense of inner Peace
    • Clarity
    • Spiritual Alignment
    • Open to Receive Love & Abundance
    • Increased Positivity & Happiness
    • Greater Confidence & Trust